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The language of root architecture

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The R package allow the import, analysis and plotting of RSML datafiles.

The API is based on three new classes:

These thre levels allows the user to easily retrieve data that are biologically relevant such as the total length of the different root types, the insertion angles or the 3D repartitions of the roots in space.

WARNING : RSML-R is still in development, so miskakes can happen… If so, please contact Guillaume Lobet


path <- "~/Desktop/Divers/rsml_tests/lupin-aero-1.rsml"

# Get the RSML file as a table containing the root information
pl.list <- rsmlToList(path)
write.csv(pl.list$processed, "~/Desktop/rsml-table.csv")

# Get the RSML as  a plant object
pl <- rsmlToPlant(path)

# Plot the plant

# Display the plant properties

# Get the plant summary
sum.plant <- summary(pl)
sum.plant$total.length$value # Get the total lenght of the plant
sum.plant$prim.length$value # Get the primary lenght of the plant

# try to load 3D data
plot(anagallis, threed = T)
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