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The language of root architecture

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This page provides a set of example rsml files as well as the images the root systems have been constructed from.

RSML allows to store a variety of content. The basic data contained in an RSML file are the topology and geometry of the root system architecture. Then it can stored additional data such as the root type (from Plant Ontology), the root diameter and annotations.


A simple root architecture which contains 1 primary root, 3 first order laterals and 1 second order lateral. Three rsml files are provided.


A bean-type RSA with 4 basal roots, 1 primary, and a few laterals (1st and 2nd orders). It thus contains several root accessions relative to all the root types. It also contains the root axes diameter.


A 2 steps time-serie of a root architecture containing one growing primary root and two laterals. It also contains the root axes diameter, the parent-node property and a couple of annotations.

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